Through LEMRS consulting and training, long-term caregivers and law enforcement professionals gain the knowledge, processes and tools they need to make an immediate difference in the lives of abused at-risk elders and adults with intellectual or development disabilities (IDD).

Each service curriculum targets either long-term care or law enforcement professionals. 

Basic Mandatory Reporting

A one-time event for your agencies in-service, or required police academy classes on Mandatory Reporting.

Scenario-Driven Consultation

This one-on-one consultation informs long-term care executive directors and directors of nursing about best practices for reporting IDD and elder abuse.

Mandatory Reporting Platinum Assessment

A complete assessment of long-term care facility's standard operating procedures. LEMRS conducts a complete assessment of your facility's standard operating procedures, and identifies areas of weakness and vicarious liabilities to provide solutions to counter those weaknesses.

Mandatory Reporting Ultimate Package

LEMRS collaborates with both law enforcement and long-term care agencies together to implement standard operating procedures for reporting. These services include alternative reporting methods to satisfy mandatory reporting laws for the mandatory reporter while ensuring that law enforcement patrol hours are not wasted on minor incidents with no chance of prosecution. 

Active Shooter Tabletop Exercises 

This exercise is for key staff personnel at long-term care facilities. The goal of the exercise is to exploit procedural and facility weaknesses in an effort to mitigate casualties during an active shooter incident.